As a parent, it’s your goal to provide the absolute best for your child. From the food they eat to the amount of sleep they get and everything in between, their care and well-being is your top priority. This understandably, transfers into your child’s education. Parents know the importance of education, and how important it is for their child to do well in their academic path, because this opens up so many more doors and opportunities throughout the course of their life. When you choose Growing Kids Learning Centers for early childcare and preschool, your child is set on a path to grow and succeed to their fullest potential.

At our Valparaiso location, you can find the preschool, daycare, kindergarten and before/after school care options that will not only meet your family’s needs, but exceed them. We’ve been the top choice for parents just like you, who have wanted to find an exceptional childcare option that helps their children thrive — as well as provide the peace of mind that their kids are in the best hands possible. See some of the options that are available, and call us today to ensure your child has a spot with Growing Kids Learning Centers!

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