I absolutely love Growing Kids!  I cannot even begin to express how much I like and appreciate Growing Kids and their staff.  I like the facility, the extra programs they have for the families especially around the holidays, the curriculum they use, the atmosphere, the personality of the staff, and the extra activities they bring in for the children.  

I was very particular in my search for a preschool.  My oldest son was at a fantastic preschool before we moved to this area.  His previous teachers knew my son, treated him as their own, taught him a curriculum and allowed me to be at ease while being a working mom.  I would love to be able to stay at home with my children but since I can’t I wanted a preschool that would treat my sons the way I would, teach them a curriculum, and allow them to learn through social activities and play.  I visited several preschools and there were none that could meet all my requirements except for Growing Kids.  

Growing Kids makes my life easier because I know my children are taken care of, educated and have fun every day.  I love the Life Cubby App which allows me to check on my children throughout the day and know how they are doing.  I love seeing pictures of my children throughout the day as well.  I have called to check on them and the staff is always very accommodating and will update me on my children’s days.  I have developed relationships with my children’s teachers and they do a great job of communicating with me on my children and their daily progress.  

I wanted a preschool where my children would be known, cared for and educated.  I toured several preschools and would like a few things but wasn’t comfortable about leaving my children there for an entire day.  I walked into Growing Kids and fell in love with the assistant director, Megan and the director, Sarah.  They remembered my children by name and were so friendly and personable.  After I toured the facility I knew immediately that I would feel completely comfortable with my children spending their days at Growing Kids if they couldn’t be home with me.  

I absolutely LOVE the teachers and feel like my sons have really been fortunate in the teachers they have had in their classrooms.  I have developed relationships with the teachers in the classrooms and have open communication with the teachers to be able to keep up with how my students are doing daily.  My youngest son started in the infant room and Ms. Hannah was absolutely amazing with my son.  I knew my son was in the best care besides being with me or a family member.  I trusted Ms. Hannah with a reference on what teachers and room Connor should move to after the infant room.  Connor did well in Toddler 1 and is now in Young Preschool A and has great teachers once again that treat him as his own.  My oldest son started in Preschool 3 with Ms. Kim and Ms. Keyanna who were amazing teachers.  My son absolutely LOVED both of them and grew so much in the year he spent with them.  He is now in Preschool 6 and we chose Ms. Toni and Ms. A.J. because of the curriculum, structure and how well they prepare students for Kindergarten.  I love the administrative staff and cannot say enough great things about all the individuals I have had direct contact with.

Moving to this area was a huge adjustment for my children especially my oldest.  Growing Kids has truly helped my children.  Growing Kids and the staff provided my children with stability and an education during the day while my husband and I worked.  Ms. Keyanna and Ms. Kim were constant in Jaxon’s growth and development during our first year here.  He really likes them and still talks about them all the time.  He likes school and wants to go to school each day which makes it easier for me.   He has grown so much; socially, educationally and behaviorally.   

I would recommend Growing Kids because of all the amazing staff, the curriculum they offer and all the programs they offer.  My children have benefited so much from attending Growing Kids so I would highly recommend it to anyone.  

Kim Noetzel