For Halloween this year, our 2 year old, Jack, said he wanted to dress up as his teacher Miss Donna. She’s not just Jack’s beloved daycare teacher; she also cared for our two older boys when they were each his age. Like many other teachers at daycare, she has been an incredible blessing for our entire family. Many of you know the trials and tribulations that come with raising small children. In our case, with two working parents who travel throughout the year, there are many times when my wife and I look at each other and ask, “How are we going to make it through the day?” That’s when the Miss Donna’s of the world step in. This incredible woman has potty-trained each of our 3 boys. No exaggeration – if it weren’t for her, all three would still be in diapers. As extra motivation for our second son, she even made him special underwear with cows and horses, because that’s what it took to motivate him. What a saint! We all have Miss Donna’s in our lives, both personally and professionally. What a great world we live in- that we can reach out for help when needed. Thank you to all the Miss Donna’s out there!

Amanda & Steve Zelechoski