You may be eligible for tax benefits to help pay for your child’s education and care, either in the form of a tax credit or a tax deduction. Under current IRS regulations, eligible families can claim tax credits up to:

  • $2,100 from the Federal Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit (up to $1,050 for each of your first two children; the exact amount depends on your income and actual child care expenses)
  • $1,000 per child from the Federal Child Tax Credit
  • $6,444 (for tax year 2018) from the Federal Earned Income Tax Credit. You may also qualify for State tax credits

Specific information on Federal tax credits for child care is available from The Internal Revenue Service at 800-829-1040, or visit the following sites:

You can find the Federal Tax ID or EIN on your Procare statement, or call your center to obtain that information.