1. Breakfast Ideas For Preschoolers!

    Your child’s preschool day starts before they even get there, and getting enough sleep and having a good breakfast can set them up for a successful day. This is sometimes easier said than done, and some picky preschoolers seem to not want to eat anything (or anything healthy!) in the morning. We will explore some ideas for presenting your preschooler with nutritious and appealing breakfasts that…Read More

  2. Books for Your Preschooler

    Preschool is an exciting and important time for your child to get the fundamental skills that will serve as a foundation for them as they advance into kindergarten and elementary school. Learning occurs in the classroom, but can also be enhanced while at home. In this blog, we’re going to explore some books your child can read outside of the classroom to help enhance their fundamentals of readin…Read More

  3. Shy Kids Welcome

    Though some may find it charming, being shy can be painful for those unable to get past it. Many of us remember the pain and the stigma of being shy and socially awkward during certain times of our childhood and we hardly want our own children to experience the same. As South Bend's premier daycare center we unfortunately see a number of children who lack the social skills to be able to make frien…Read More