1. We Keep your Child in Motion!

    At Growing Kids Learning Center, you’ll be able to feel comfortable knowing your child is learning how to use their body to play, improve attention span, become more organized and more. There are so many reasons why our team likes to keep your little youngster up and moving with our Minds in Motion program, and here’s why. We know that your child will be able to develop skills faster than norm…Read More

  2. 5 Questions To Ask When Considering Preschool

    Finding the perfect preschool for your growing child can be difficult. You want your child to get the very best education, especially at such an early age. If you are searching for a amazing preschool for your child, you should  take a few important things to take into consideration. Know the teaching staff.- There are so many schools that you could enroll your child into, but if the teaching sta…Read More

  3. Every Parent Needs Time To Themselves

    How often do you get to go out and take a personal day for yourself? Spending quality time alone is something that many parents should be taking advantage of, and if you’re not, you could start to feel overwhelmed and even your child could feel your emotional stress. Here at Growing Kids Learning Center, we understand that you finding time for yourself can be a difficult task, and that is why we…Read More