Your child’s health, safety and security is our first priority. Growing Kids Learning Center schools and systems are designed from the beginning with young children’s health, safety and security in mind.

While every provider can say that, parents can be reassured by the specific steps Growing Kids has actually taken to protect their children.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Only entrance is a locked front door
  • Biometric check in/out computer system – Audio / Video monitoring of all classrooms
  • Emergency Call system in every classroom and office
  • Safety/Security System monitored 24/7 off-site
  • Every teacher trained in pediatric CPR and 1st Aid (exceeding requirements)
  • All classrooms have Parent-View windows from the hallway
  • Emergency Planning Procedures, coordinated with local police and fire for support
  • Playgrounds meet Consumer Product Safety Commission standards for public playgrounds
  • Proper play equipment, proper safety surfacing, and proper fencing

Highlights of our health program include:

  • Zoned heating and air condition systems to limit air flow between rooms
  • Center cleaned and sanitized every night by a profession cleaning service (not the teachers)
  • All classrooms are self-contained learning environments
  • Every classroom has its own bathroom(s). – Hand washing sinks located in every classroom
  • Drinking fountains in every preschool classroom
  • Required immunizations for every child tracked
  • Ill-student policy and isolation area in every center