About Our Child Care Programs

Children want to learn. Our job is to help them with structured, age-appropriate, educational programs that are challenging and fun. Our programs start for children as young as six weeks old. This allows your child to start learning and growing as early as possible in a nurturing and stimulating environment.

It’s important for children to realize their full potential at every stage of development — intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially. The Creative Curriculum for early childhood offers stimulating learning opportunities for students of every age, starting at six weeks and continuing through after-school age. And we do it in a fun-to-learn fashion. Don’t be surprised to hear your child ask, “Guess what I learned today?” after a day at our child care center.

During your child’s time at Growing Kids Learning Centers, they will be able to develop a variety of different skills that will help them in the next stages of life. Each of our programs works together to help further develop these skills and allow your child to continue to grow.