Nearly always, preschool is thought of as the entryway to education. It’s the porch steps that lead to the house, it’s the “practice year(s)” before kindergarten and the grades to follow. This is the common sentiment, and yet, it’s pretty off-base. Many educational researchers and psychologists consider preschool not just an important year, but the most formative grade of them all.

But why exactly is preschool the most important grade? We’ve discussed how preschool is incredibly beneficial for your child, but today, we’re going to discuss why this is the grade that is most essential to success — both academic and as a whole. Find out more, and enroll your child in preschool with Growing Kids Learning Centers in South Bend (at Ireland Road, State Road 23, and North Bendix Drive), Elkhart, Valparaiso, Goshen, Bristol, or Chesterton!

Sets the Tone for Academic Success

Learning and hitting essential academic milestones, particularly in the math and literacy departments, are thought to be huge indicators for later academic success. In one study, it showed “that preschool boosts a child’s chances of doing well at school and going on to take advanced level examinations,” as reported by The Guardian. This, in turn, contributes to the direct correlation between children going to preschool who later go to college. Simply put, an early academic start helps children be prepared sooner, and play less time catching up.

Reverses the Effects of Poverty

From the University of Wisconsin – Madison, a study on poverty and childhood was conducted with some incredible results. Poverty has known to be detrimental not only to the state of a child’s life, but to their actual development and growth as a whole. Children born into poverty have a lower chance of being academically successful — which is especially problematic when about half of all public school children are living in poverty.

One of the biggest things that can change and reduce the negative effects of poverty is early childhood education. With early interventions, children can be caught up to speed with their peers of more advantageous backgrounds. Some of the main resources to help a child grow — books, educational activities and games, and a well-balanced diet — are difficult to invest in when the main priority is keeping everyone alive. Preschool offers all of these things, where families might otherwise not be able to provide these things.

A Positive Long-Term Outlook

Here are just a few of the things that preschool is believed to have an impact on:

  • Grade retention — fewer occurrences when children have gone to preschool.
  • Special ed. — fewer placements among children who attended preschool.
  • Graduation rates — higher rates of graduation for children who went to preschool.
  • Crime and delinquency — it’s true: preschool is thought to lower crime rates.

While every grade is important, preschool is truly at the foundation of education, contributing to some of the greatest examples of later success. Not only is it instrumental in helping a child prepare for school, it gets them on track for the years to come. This means leading all the way up to and through college, as well as setting children up for success in life as a whole.

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