Growing Kids Learning Centers are built from the ground up, with one thing in mind, growing kids! At Growing Kids EVERYTHING is kid-friendly because we built each center from a child’s perspective. The most current and state-of-the-art Safety and Security features are also designed into each Growing Kids center, inside and out.


We design self-contained rooms that have lots of activities and materials, including: bathrooms, large oversized windows for natural light, custom designed sinks and drinking fountains, so kids have access to something that is their size, parent viewing windows and closed circuit TV cameras.

Main Street

We have a Growing Kids exclusive which is a dramatic play area called Main Street. This is where hands – on learning through play takes place. There is role playing, socializing, interactive play, and it stresses the various levels of play as they develop. The children learn how to problem solve and play with rules. We want to foster that natural development so they have a foundation for learning.


All centers have attached playgrounds that are fully enclosed with high fencing. They are large and segmented for different age groups and follows the latest in safety standards for playgrounds.