At the heart of each center is a Growing Kids exclusive that we call “Main Street.” It’s a child-sized mini-town that helps kids learn while playing at real-life activities. We believe that young children learn best through hands-on learning experiences. So, we created a place where kids have that opportunity. The kids have the opportunity to role-play, pretend, socialize and problem-solve. There are large motor and small motor activities as well. (Technically, it is a multi-dimensional learning environment.) Because the learning and play are open-ended and child directed, the level of play grows with the children. Younger children like toddlers will engage in independent play, young preschoolers will parallel play. As the preschoolers and school-agers get older, they mature into interactive and more complex forms of play. Unlike simple gross motor rooms where the kids run around for a while and get bored, in Main Street they continue to have fun and learn because it grows with them.