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"...valued and appreciated"

Growing Kids is more than just a company or job to me. This is a business and a family that I have grown up with for over 23 years and I believe in. I have made many lifelong friends working here throughout the years. I look forward to coming into work every day knowing that I will spend my day getting to know children and their families. I am thankful to be a part of Growing Kids because my work that I am so passionate about is valued and appreciated.

- Emily Sherwood


" a second home"

Over the past 23 years Growing Kids has become like a second home for me. I love going to work every day and doing what I love best...taking care of babies as well as working with people who share my passion. I take pride in what I do and have formed many lasting relationships with parents and their children. I've been at Growing Kids long enough to see quite a few of my babies go off to the time does fly when you love what you do. Growing Kids has given me the opportunity to give children a great start in life by providing a safe, nurturing, and trusting environment. Over all these years I have met and worked with many wonderful coworkers who love taking care of our children as much as I do. I plan and hope to stay working at Growing Kids until I a few more years. Until then I will continue love coming to work and taking care all my little babies.

- Edel Moore

Amanda B testimonial

"I am impressed..."

I have worked in childcare for just over four years now. In that time, I have had the privilege of working at three separate centers, and have seen the different ways they have been run. I will be going on seven months at Growing Kids in February and so far I have to say that I am impressed in how welcoming and open the director and staff have been. Any ideas or changes I have thought up or proposed have been met with open minds and positive criticism. I have been given multiple opportunities to grow both as a teacher and as a part of the staff. I am pleased with the center overall; its appearance and the positive learning environment. One of the most important things to me is that the center I work at is conducive to learning and allowing the teachers to grow along with the students. I am happy to say that I have found that at Growing Kids.

- Amanda Bradlo

Ashley testimonial

"I look forward to work everyday."

I have worked at Growing Kids since 2012 and have had a wonderful four years here. Here are some of the reasons why I love working for this company:

1. I love that I work for a company that puts education as a priority. I know this because they not only provide opportunities to further our education for a CDA by connecting us to resources, but they also allow me to have a flexible schedule so that I can be a full time student and still work.

2. They promote from within giving us employees a chance to move up in the company. One of my co-workers was a lead teacher who got promoted to Enrollment Coordinator. 

3. They provide a safe work environment by taking the safety of their staff members very seriously.

4. I am a Summer Camp teacher and I LOVE how they provide the campers with so many adventures (field trips) over summer break.

At Growing Kids I feel safe and I look forward to work everyday. I love this company and look forward to working for them for a long time!

-  Ashley Szymczak

Kayla  testimonial

" of the best companies..."

I love working for Growing Kids. I enjoy the staff and children. It's one of the best companies I have worked for. I plan on staying here for a very long time, no doubt about it.

- Kayla Carpenter

"I would highly recommend..."

I have worked at Growing Kids for eight years. I love the flexible hours and the fact that we don't work weekends or nationally recognized holidays. I like the staff here. My co-workers, including my boss, always give me good advice and push me to do better. The company offers trainings which contribute to my higher learning. I have been able to grow within the company as well. I have gone from being a young preschool teacher to the office supervisor. Another thing that is great is that my children are able to attend the center as well. My oldest has been coming for seven years. I love the teachers and the open line of communication that they offer. I would highly recommend Growing Kids being a great place to work.

- Mercedes Cobb


"a true blessing..."

My name is Nimarra Loyd, I have been employed with the Valparaiso Growing Kids Learning Center for five amazing years. It has been a true blessing to be a part of this team and to be given such wonderful opportunities to grow in a caring and supportive environment. In every aspect of my life, from being a teacher, wife, and mom I can say with all honesty that my director Angie, assistant director Jody, and fellow employees have been a constant source of encouragement and love. Outside of having the best job in the world because of the awesome children I get to have as a part of my class and their parents, I also get to come to work every day and be surrounded by the most beautiful group of people and my best friends.

Nimarra Loyd

"Friendly, happy atmosphere!"

I like working at Growing Kids because of the friendly, happy atmosphere! We share ideas and help each other when needed. It's just great teamwork. We just really love working with the children!

Jen Kmita, Chesterton Center



"...surrounded by people with positive attitudes"

I enjoy working at Growing Kids because I can show up to work every day and be surrounded by people with positive attitudes. I love being able to watch the children I work with grow and thrive while at Growing Kids. I like waking up and not knowing what to expect. While working at Growing Kids, I will never have a boring day!

Leah Gallo, Chesterton Center


"an inviting and positive learning environment"

I love working at GK because it is such an inviting and positive learning environment for young children. I love coming to work each day and seeing my students' smiling faces and knowing that they love coming too. It's the best!

- Toni Matlock, Chesterton Center


"an awesome place to work"

Growing Kids Learning Center is an awesome place to work. I love working here. The best part is teaching my Students new and exciting things daily. I think it's amazing how they grow and learn. I treasure every moment. The life of a preschool teacher is Fantastic!

- Shalena Mitchell, Chesterton Center


"daily opportunities to encourage the creative imagination"

Working at Growing Kids Learning Center allows for daily opportunities to encourage the creative imagination and learning potential of each child who enters through the classroom door.

- Cheryl L. Myers


"the comradery we have is wonderful"

I like working for Growing Kids because of all of the people that work there with me. The comradery we have is wonderful, the after work time we can spend together.

The flexibility you get when you have appointment or other issues that come up.

The Goshen center wouldn't be as good as it is without a great director, and assistant director.

- Pandy


"not just coworkers, but real friends"

A year and a half ago when I joined the Growing Kids family, I did not realize that FAMILY was a key word. I have found support in my supervisors in all aspects of my life. They care for me as a person, not just an employee. I learned that there was amazing flexibility for my schedule as well. I am a parent and a student, and there has never been an issue working around things that come up with both.

I have also met some great people in my time at GK. They are not just co-workers, but real friends. I like knowing that the people that I work with are all on the same page in their desire for educating children, and always available to be a TEAMmate. There are times that we need to pull together to help each other, and I know that my TEAM always has my back.

- Amy


"the nicest, most professional center"

Hi my name is Kathy Gallina, and I have been a teacher at Valparaiso Growing Kids for three years. Growing Kids is by far the nicest, most professional center I have ever taught at. The atmosphere at our Valpo center is so warm, friendly and inviting. You truly feel like you are a part of a family. The staff is professional and well-educated and always treat the children with kindness and respect. They are truly great teachers that are always coming up with new ways to help the children learn and grow. I am so proud to be a part of such a wonderful team!

- Kathy Gallina


"...supporting all children's needs"

Hi, I am Kim Bohn and I work in the kindergarten classroom at the Valparaiso location. I have worked here for almost 5 years and feel right at home! The staff, director, and families are so easy and fun to work with. Everyone here truly works toward the goal of supporting all children's needs. The parents are very involved and eager to help their children succeed - which is crucial in kindergarten as they learn the foundation of reading and math! Staff works together as a team so that we all can succeed in helping our students grown and reach their potential. Angie is always available to help with any children concerns. She is also flexible and understanding when various situations arise. It is so nice so know you work somewhere they truly came about their employees!

- Kim Bohn

"Growing Kids is a great place to work!"

I really enjoy working at Growing Kids Learning Center. I knew from the start when I was being interviewed that this was where I wanted to be. The way the director talked to me about the facilities, staff and students, made me eager to start working there. Once I started working at Growing Kids, I was warmly welcomed into the Growing Kids family. Many staff members were quick to introduce themselves and offered help as I started out. I felt like I was part of the team the moment I walked through the doors. I have developed friendships with members of the staff that I value very much. We have a great time together every day, and they're what keeps me going on those rough days.

I also feel the children that I work with make my job great. They have their bad days like we all do, but they come everyday with a smile on their face and ready to learn. This makes my job very fun to do when I get to work with a great group of kids and families. Overall, I think Growing Kids is a great place to work! The support I receive to help me learn and grow as an educator brings me back everyday. I'm truly happy I'm apart of the Growing Kids family!

- Nathan Evans

"Thankful for Growing Kids"

1.  Thank you for having a staff lounge.  I know that this seems like its a ‘given’, but the child care I worked for did not have a staff lounge.  Reasons being: “it’s not a good use of money to add to the building” and “it creates a space for staff members to gossip”.  At Growing Kids, I remember using the staff lounge for many things: baby showers, pot lucks, making a personal call to home when I needed to, just relaxing and eating lunch on a snowy day.  I bonded with my fellow co-workers during the times in the staff lounge and it created a ‘team’ throughout the whole building.  It was a home away from home and I thank Growing Kids for offering a comforting space for the employees to go on their lunch breaks.

2.  Thank you for always acknowledging when it was our work anniversary.  When it came time for my one year anniversary at Growing Kids, I knew that I would have a meeting to discuss my yearly review and acknowledged for my hard work.  Every year after that, a meeting was scheduled promptly on or very near my anniversary and I could count on a meeting to discuss my work performance.  I knew that I wouldn’t automatically receive a raise, but I at least appreciated some feedback.

3.  Thank you for having a ‘Main Street’.  At my previous place of employment, this was again considered as ‘not a good use of money to add to the building.’  As a teacher, I REALLY appreciated having an indoor area to take my class to play, explore, do group activities and learn.  This was especially helpful on days when it was too cold outside, rainy or too hot.  The children and the teachers BOTH benefited from Main Street by getting out of the classroom at some time during the day.

4.  Thank you for showing appreciation to volunteers.  In my years at growing Kids, I volunteered at all or most of the community events such as the Easter egg hunt, holiday show, etc.. In addition, my (now husband) volunteered with me to be the Easter bunny or Santa.  We both enjoyed doing this together, because not only was it fun to interact with the children, but we were also shown appreciation in many ways.  We would receive a simple thank you card, the teachers got to do an adult egg hunt when the Easter egg hunt was over, etc..  Simple things like this, showed me that Growing Kids really appreciated me spending my extra time to be a part of the many fun events outside of regular hours.

5. Thank you for providing dinner or snacks at all of the staff meetings. Growing Kids understood that many of us were taking time away from our families to be at the staff meetings at night.  Because of this, there was always some sort of meal or snack provided.  It was simple, but it again showed me how much I was appreciated and thought of as an employee with Growing Kids.

6.  Thank you for always giving positive feedback.  Whenever someone entered my classroom, I was given some sort of positive feedback.  I still remember Julie walking into my room and saying how much she loved our bulletin board and how it brightened the room.  There was also constructive criticism given , but there was just as much (if not more) positive feedback about my teaching skills.  I was TRUSTED and BELIEVED IN. 

So, as we approach Thanksgiving and we think about what we are thankful for, one of my top things I am thankful for is Growing Kids and the time that I got to be an employee there.

Thank you & much Love,
Mrs. Adrienne Moore, Kindergarten Teacher

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