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At Growing Kids Learning Center, we are pleased to have a part in helping your children develop socially, mentally, and physically. We are not just a childcare center, we are passionate about helping kids grow, learn and explore. We believe there are a lot of great reasons to choose us to take care of your kids. Below you’ll find just a few that parents mention most.

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Qualified and Dedicated Teachers

Growing Kids Learning Centers have certified and qualified teachers that contribute to a rich educational environment and bring your kids' imaginations to life. All members of our staff are experienced professionals in early childhood education. Many already hold degrees, but all of our teachers have at least 30 hours of training in early childhood centers in their first year with growing kids. Since we are certified by the NECPA, our teachers must have their CDA (Child Development Association) credential. We work with our staff to create an environment that engenders healthy relationships with growing kids and keeps them happy. Our teachers are not only skilled, but they’re also passionate, motivated, and happy to be here.

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Child Safety and Security

Safety is a top priority for all parents, and you can never be too careful when it comes to your little one. When you enroll your child in one of our early learning centers, you can rest assured that their safety will be our top priority as well. That’s why we have several measures in place to safeguard them and ensure that they feel protected and secure while they learn. Our buildings are custom designed from the ground up to meet the educational as well as safety needs of our children. This makes a huge difference that sets us apart from other daycare centers in the Northern Indiana area. For instance, all of our classrooms have parent-view windows that allow them to see their child from the hallway. We also have audio/video monitoring of all classrooms, and every teacher is trained in pediatric CPR and first aid. We also have a robust system designed to protect your child’s health. We hire a professional cleaning service to ensure a clean and sanitized environment and all classrooms have zoned heating and air conditioning to limit airflow between rooms. We limit the co-mingling of students by having each room be a self-contained learning environment that even includes its own bathroom, sink, and drinking fountain.

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Main Street

This is an exclusive indoor playground that we have designed for kids at our early childhood learning center. We believe that growing kids learn faster when they socialize and engage in real-life activities. This is why we created this child-sized mini town that features real-life activities created to nurture role-playing, socializing, and problem-solving skills. There are several games to play in the main street and they’re not limited to kids. As children continue to grow, they are allowed to progress into interactive and complex forms of play without being bored.

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Licensed & Accredited

You’ll be surprised at the number of child care service providers that are not registered in Indiana due to loopholes in the law. Thankfully, Growing Kids Learning Centers are state-licensed and inspected, and nationally accredited. Our school meets all the rigorous guidelines and inspection requirements set by the National Early Childhood Program Accreditation and we have been certified to meet all of these safety and quality standards.

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Are you interested in learning more about why Growing Kids Learning Center is the best choice for childcare and education in Elkhart, Indiana? Get in touch with us now. We will be more than happy to give you a walk-through of our facilities, answer any questions you may have, and show you why so many parents put their trust in us. Contact us now to learn more about our services or to enroll your child today.

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