Growing Kids has always made the health and safety of the children and staff a top priority.  We’ve just taken it to a whole new level.

Growing Kids Values start with safety and trust.  Part of that trust is always being here when you need us.   It’s why we remained open during the coronavirus outbreak, to support parents when you needed us, providing safe and dependable care for your children, meeting or exceeding the CDC and State requirements.  We strongly believe that parents need us to do what we do so that you can do what you need to do.

10 Key Growing Kids Safety Measures 


      • Students under the age of 2 years old will NOT wear a face mask because of the risk of suffocation.
      • Students 2 years of age and older can choose to wear a face mask. Per the Executive Order, students “are strongly encouraged to wear”, but not required to wear, a mask.
  • Individuals over the age of 12 years old (children and adults) who are not fully vaccinated are required to wear a mask.
  • Individuals over the age of 12 years old who are vaccinated can choose to wear a mask.

Safety and Cleanliness

  • Professional cleaning and disinfecting performed daily
  • Additional deep cleaning and disinfecting regularly, including our playgrounds
  • Increased Handwashing now more than ever


 Social Distancing

  • Parent drop off/pick up at their classrooms
  • Social distancing will continue to be practiced.
  • Parents should limit time spent in the classroom at drop off/pick up.

Parent Communication

  • Updates and announcements will be communicated frequently
  • Keeping you consistently informed is essential

Health Screenings

  • All children and staff receive a health screening prior to entering
  • Touchless thermometers take everyone’s temperature prior to entering
  • Re-screening during the day if needed

Training and Retraining

  • Staff training on new policies, procedures, and best practices
  • Retraining as additional information becomes available

Preparation and Planning

  • Custom-designed emergency response plans have been upgraded to ensure the highest level of safety.
  • Thorough preparedness plan for “just in case”

Continuous Monitoring and Adapting

  • Monitoring the most current health and safety protocols
  • Working with state and local authorities to implement new requirements

Pause to Celebrate – LIFTED!

  • School-wide or classroom events will resume as long as social distancing guidelines can be followed.
  • Main Street will reopen. One classroom at a time. Cleaning done consistent with FSSA guidelines.

Virtual Tours

  • We welcome visitors to our school with Touchless Virtual Tours.

Click here for the complete Growing Kids COVID-19 Protocol:

Growing Kids Coronavirus Protocol