Many parents assume that just because they are the parents to their children that they should automatically have a bond. While this may be true in some aspects, just like any relationship in your life, building a strong and meaningful bond with your child requires some effort. Most parents want to build a bond with their child and have a relationship that is meaningful to both parent and child, but to achieve this, you will have to work to develop the bond you are hoping for.

At Growing Kids Learning Centers, we believe that the parent and child bond is an important one and can help shape the child’s life in a more positive way. When you, the parent, have a better bond with your child, you will be their support system throughout their entire life and you will be able to feel closer to your child. While building a bond with your child takes work, we have some tips to help you out. Read on to learn more and be sure to check out our child care programs today!

Show Your Love

Showing your child love and telling them often that you love them is the best way to start building your relationship. Human touch and affection are important in every stage of life but are extremely important for children as they develop emotionally and neurobiologically. By giving your child hugs daily, holding their hand as you walk to the park, and offering warm expressions as often as you can, you can help build the bond you and your child share. When your child knows, undoubtedly, that you love them, they will feel more connected to you.

While this seems easy enough, it is also easy to get lost in the hecticness of a busy day and forget to hug your child or show them affection when they walk into a room. Even on the worst days, be sure to show your child appreciation and love.

Make Time For Them

Making time for your child is extremely important if you want to build a stronger relationship. By making time for them, where you are distraction-free and they have 100% of your attention, you are showing your child that they are worth your attention. This will make them feel important and more connected to you.

Even if it is just a simple lunch date, spending quality time with your child and giving them your undivided attention can make a huge difference in the type of relationship you have. Try to make time for your child at least once a week. It can be as simple as reading them a bedtime story or playing a game with them after lunch. If you have multiple children, try to give each of them their own time with you at least once a month.

Try to Understand Them

Listening to your child, acknowledging their feelings, and trying to understand where they are coming from can help you build the relationship you want with your child. As kids get older, a big reason why they don’t talk to their parents is that they feel like their parents don’t understand or will get mad at what they have to say. It is important that you teach your child at a young age that you are here to listen to them and that you understand them.

To do this you simply have to listen to understand. Empathize with them and let them know that you are there for them and will do what you can to help them. Try to see things from your child’s perspective and actually work to understand them — simply telling them you understand is not going to help you build a stronger bond.

Play With Them

Playing is an important activity for your child’s development. While kids benefit from all different types of play, when you take the time to play with them, you will show them that they are important to you and that you want to be a part of their lives. Whether you play games, play pretend, or play whatever else they come up with, by spending this time with them, you can strengthen your bond.

Your kids likely know that you are busy, whether they truly understand how busy you are or not doesn’t matter, what matters is that you are making a point to spend time with them. When they realize that you are taking a moment out of your busy schedule to play with them, they will feel more important to you.

Eat Together

Eating meals as a family is a great way to connect as a family and spend time together. Make a point to eat dinner or breakfast together every day, with no TV and no phones at the table. Eating together allows you to communicate, connect, and bond with your children and as a whole family. You can have a few conversation prompts that get the family talking if the conversation doesn’t always flow naturally.

We suggest picking fun prompts, like “If you were an animal, what would you be and why?” rather than the typical what did you learn today. Kids will be more excited to talk about the fun stuff than what they learned. Plus, these fun prompts can help you get to know your kid better and allow you to tap into your inner child as well!

Show Interest

Showing interest in your child and what they are doing is another great way to strengthen your bond. When you show interest in your child’s life, you are once again showing them that they matter to you. Most people love when others show interest in what they are doing, and your kids are no exception. If they are doing arts and crafts projects, ask them what they are making. If they are reading a book, ask them what it’s about and if they like it. If they are playing with action figures, ask them what is going on in their play world. Show interest in what your kiddos are doing to help strengthen your bond.

These are a few great ways to start building a stronger relationship with your children. While we know you love and care about your child, showing them that love and care, spending time with them, and showing interest in their lives can help you build the bond you have always wanted.

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