With everything going on in the world currently, you may find yourself spending more time at home with the kids. While you could let them watch endless hours of television and play video games all day, this is not the best option. You want to keep your kiddos active both mentally and physically. However, we know that it can be hard to keep your children entertained day after day.

At Growing Kids Learning Centers in northern Indiana, we know that keeping kids entertained is not an easy task, especially when you have to work during the day. We wanted to help you out but giving you a few ideas for fun activities to do with your children or have your children do while you are working. Read on to learn more!

Build a Fort

Building a fort in your home can be a fun activity for kids that will allow them to create, use their problem-solving skills, and work together. Use couch cushions, pillows, sheets, and tall stools or objects to create a fort that gives your kiddos a new space to do different activities.

If you don’t want a fort in your living room for a few days, have your children build their fort in a different room of the house where they can leave their fort up for a while. Whether you help them build a fort or they build it on their own, be sure to have them add some pillows and blankets inside so that they can spend some time in there and be comfortable. Your children can play games, pretend play, color, read, and do a variety of other fun activities in their fort.

Make Movies

Invest in an easy-to-use video camera or allow your children to use your smartphone to make movies. Pull out all of their dress-up clothes and costumes to help them get into character. They can spend time writing or planning the story they want to turn into a movie, picking characters, and planning it all out.

This is a fun activity that your children may love more than you would guess. Not only do they get to play pretend, but they can get their creativity flowing and have fun creating something unique together. They can take turns filming the “movie,” play different characters, collaborate with each other, use their imagination, and get everyone involved.

Not only is making movies a fun activity that will keep your children busy all day, and maybe all week, but it can also lead to a cherished memory that your children will love watching when they get older. It is amazing how imaginative children can be and making movies is a great way to capture that.

Do Crafts

Doing art and craft projects is another fun way for your children to spend their days. Next time you run to the store, be sure to pick up some new craft supplies or order them online. Get something different. While most kids have all the coloring stuff they need, there are many other fun crafts that they can do. Get a bracelet making kit, oven-bake clay, and other unique craft supplies.

Another fun art project that was popular a few years ago is fuse beads. These beads come with shape boards that your child can decorate with colorful beads, after they are done, you can help them iron the beads to melt them together. The result is a colorful and fun pattern that they can use to decorate their room! This is a fun art project that your child will love doing day after day.

You can also find unique craft ideas on Pinterest! This is a great place to find easy and fun projects for kids that will keep them busy and allow them to be creative. Craft projects are a great way for children to spend their time and can be very beneficial. Plus, you will have a ton of masterpieces to hang on your fridge and display around your house!

Set Up a Treasure Hunt

If you have time, setting up a treasure hunt for your children can be a fun way to keep them entertained for a day. You can even hide a new toy, game, or book at the end of the treasure hunt that they can enjoy for the next few weeks.

Your treasure hunt can include clues throughout your home and yard with riddles to keep your kids guessing. This is a fun way to keep your children entertained and help them use their problem-solving skills.

Depending on the age of your children you can make the clues for this scavenger hunt a little more difficult so they have to figure it out or make them simple to keep them engaged and excited about the treasure.

Create In The Kitchen

While we don’t expect you to allow your children to use the oven or stove without your supervision, creating in the kitchen can be a fun and entertaining activity. If you have time in your day to spend with your kids, allow your kiddos to get creative in the kitchen. They can make up different “recipes” and try new things.

Or you all can cook something fun together. Maybe there is a monkey bread recipe that you wanted to try or maybe your children have been asking to make cookies for a while now. Spending time in the kitchen can be fun and a great activity to do with your kiddos. You can even try new dinner recipes that the whole family can enjoy together!

Cooking or baking is a great activity for kids because it teaches them how to follow directions and can give them a sense of pride when their cookies turn out perfectly. You can also have them help you clean everything up to teach them responsibility.


There are some days when simply relaxing is a great activity for the entire family. You could set up an at-home spa, do a yoga practice, and watch a few of your favorite movies. You could even incorporate some of the activities above into your day of relaxation.

Build a fort as a family and work together to create a fun breakfast or lunch. Spend your day in the fort playing games as a family, reading, or watching some movies. You could throw a yoga practice in there to help keep your kids active and relaxed at the same time. Having a day where you simply relax can be fun for the whole family and teach your child a thing or two about self-care at an early age.

There are so many fun and creative activities that you can do with your kiddos at home. These are only a few ideas that we love, but there are many more! Find something fun for your kiddos to do while stuck at home. Kids are creative, imaginative, and easily entertained, all you have to do is give them the supplies and they can entertain themselves for hours!

Once the world goes back to normal, be sure to check out Growing Kids Learning Centers in Northern Indiana. We offer different programs full of fun activities that will keep your children learning and entertained. Contact us with any questions you may have.