Halloween is a fun holiday for many people, especially children since they get to collect a ton of candy and dress up as something else. However, this year’s pandemic will likely put a stop to trick-or-treating, which may lead to a few tantrums.

Don’t worry! Growing Kids Learning Centers has your back. We know how much kids love holidays, especially when they get a bag full of candy at the end of it. We came up with some unique, fun, and safe activities you can do with your kiddos in order to celebrate Halloween! While your children may still be bummed about not going trick-or-treating, you can still help them have a good time and celebrate in a unique way.

In this blog, we are going to go over some ideas to help parents avoid the trick-or-treating meltdown. Read on for some fun ideas that you can do with your kiddos this Halloween!

Indoor Trick-or-Treating

Just because you can’t go house to house trick-or-treating doesn’t mean your kiddos can’t go room to room! Decorate the doors in your home with fun Halloween decorations. Add fake spider webs, pumpkins, and anything else to give your doors a fun and spooky look. Have your kiddo go from door to door trick-or-treating in your own home! To make this even more fun, invite family friends over. The adults and older kids can all have their own door and the little kids can trick-or-treat at each one! This is a fun way for your child to still be able to do this fun Halloween activity while staying safe.

Costume Fashion Show

Costumes are another big reason why kiddos love Halloween. Who doesn’t love dressing up like someone or something else? Let your child pick out a costume this year even though the celebration will likely look different. Instead of them wearing this costume during trick-or-treating (although they can still wear it while indoor trick-or-treating), do a costume fashion show! You can even have them dress up in some of their play dress-up clothing to put on a real fashion show and show off a few costumes before revealing their new costume for this year! Parents and older children are welcome and encouraged to participate but anyone who doesn’t want to participate can be the judge of the fashion show, and the reward can obviously be more candy!

Bake Halloween Themed Goodies

Baking is another fun way to celebrate this spooky holiday with your children. There are so many unique and fun things you can make that your kiddos will absolutely love. Plus, baking is an extremely beneficial activity for your children and can help them develop their math skills, learn how to follow directions, teaches them patience, and so much more. Whether you make Rice Krispie treats with orange food coloring to make little pumpkins or you make white chocolate covered fruit and turn them into ghosts, there are many great Halloween themed baked goods and treats that you can make with your kiddo! You can find a ton of spooky recipes to try just by searching online. You could even let each of your children pick their favorite and make them all!

Do The Monster Mash

Dance with your kiddos to Halloween themed songs like the Monster Mash. Create a playlist of kid-friendly spooky songs and put them on to have a dance party. This can be fun to listen to while baking your spooky treat or while doing some crafts! Making a playlist with these Halloween songs can be a fun way for you and your children to enjoy the Halloween season.

Jack O’Lanterns and Pumpkin Painting

Going to a pumpkin patch is a fun Halloween tradition for many families. Bring your kiddos to a pumpkin patch to have them pick out a pumpkin to decorate at home. Whether you make Jack o’lanterns out of them or paint them, this is an easy way to enjoy some Halloween festivities. Carving pumpkins is a fun tradition, but if your children are younger, painting them is a great alternative. You can have them paint faces on them to keep the Jack o’lantern look or you can let them paint them with a unique design or color. Then you can display these pumpkins in the front of your house!

Try Some Halloween Crafts

Crafting is one activity that children love no matter what season it is! Doing fun Halloween crafts can make celebrating this spooky season even more exciting. Just like the Halloween baked treats, there are a ton of spooky crafts that you and your kiddos to make, from cotton ball ghosts to toilet paper roll monsters. Make a variety of Halloween crafts and decorate your home with them! Your kids will love doing these spooky crafts with you and can help you all celebrate the spooky holiday.

Even if you don’t get to bring your kiddos trick-or-treating this year, there are still so many fun ways to celebrate Halloween. Make this year extra special by trying all of these activities with your kiddos. We know they will love it!

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