Your child is unique and completely original. You know that they love peas and broccoli, but are not a fan of carrots. They love playing outside, and especially getting to dig around in the sand. You know everything about your child, and when other commitments and obligations mean you need assistance in providing childcare, you need a place that you not only like, but completely trust, to know and cherish your child as much as you do.

This is what you can expect to find when you enroll your little one in childcare, preschool, or before/after school care at our Chesterton center. At Growing Kids Learning Center, we’re committed to providing your child with the best experience possible in their earliest years, as well as providing you with a sense of relief and assurance that your child is in the best care imaginable. Enrolling your child with our childcare and preschool learning centers is exactly how you can ensure they’re being guided, nurtured, and cared for as they learn to navigate the world around them. Get started with Growing Kids Learning Centers in Chesterton today to be sure they have a spot!

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