1. Get Your Child Excited About School

    Getting your kiddo excited about preschool can be hard. We’ve all been there; your child doesn’t want to cooperate with anything. Whether that be by not eating breakfast, not wanting to brush their teeth, not wanting to get dressed or simply, not wanting to get into the car to head off to preschool for the day. Although it can be somewhat painful to get your child to cooperate seamlessly every…Read More

  2. Tips For The First Day Of Preschool

    When it comes preschool, some children can be scared. But mostly, no child knows what to expect when they step foot into their very first preschool! Preschool is a big deal, and most kids are more than happy to be left throughout the day without their parents around. Because all kids are different, and preschool is a big deal, we wanted to provide you with tips for your child's first day of presch…Read More