Starting your child off in school can be difficult for both you as the parent and for your child. Though the new educational environment may be an unnerving experience, the fundamental skills taught in preschool will stay with your child throughout their educational life and will be essential to their development as a student. Growing Kids Learning Center provides quality preschool education for Northern Indiana’s children. Our Growing Kids advantage provides safety & security, educational excellence, parent-friendly schedules, and a custom-designed building that keeps the safety and educational needs of young children in mind. Plus, we’re an Indiana state licensed school. We provide a wonderful preschool program, which include important skills that are imperative to their educational development.

Some of the many benefits of Preschool are:

Preschool helps nurture a nature for curiosity.

The preschool program at Growing Kids is designed to help each child to reach his or her full potential as a preschool student. We help create critical thought, through a variety of activities and introduction to literary and mathematical skills. Our “Main Street” section that is located at the heart of each Growing Kids center is an interactive child-sized mini-town that helps the kids develop creative and curious thought processes.

Preschool helps with the development of social and emotional skills

With your child being exposed to a school system, they get to learn real live social and emotional self-control skills that will are necessary to their ability to be successful students. The interaction with other children in an educational environment help your child manage their emotions, like frustration of not figuring out a problem or anger derived from that frustration. Our teachers at Growing Kids help ensure your children can thrive in a social environment, while managing and developing emotional skills. The “Main Street” interactive program helps in successfully developing those skills, as they engage in an opportunity to role-play, pretend, socialize and problem solve.