Most parents struggle with their toddler and preschooler eating healthy. Admittedly, it’s hard to do when TV commercials are filled with fast food and candy. Growing Kids Learning Center offers the best infant, child care, and preschool program in Goshen, Warsaw, and Plymouth. Below, we’ll offer up tips to help your preschooler eat healthier foods. Contact us today!

Be a Good Role Model

Preschoolers learn a lot by watching the adults in their lives — this means their parents! If you grab an apple or a banana over a chocolate chip cookie or ice cream as a snack, your children will be more likely to do so as well.

Always Have Healthy Snacks On-Hand

It’s no secret that if kids are hungry, they will be more likely to eat what is presented to them, including healthy and nutritious food. Always have a plethora of fruits, vegetables, and water on-hand when they are hungry.

Don’t Force Them to Eat Healthy Foods

Preschoolers are like the rest of us — if you tell us to do something, our immediate instinct is no. Thus, by forcing your kids to eat healthy foods they don’t like, they will be more likely to not do so on their own, which is the goal of raising happy and healthy children.

Be Mindful of Their Drinks

People often don’t think about how many empty calories they are consuming in their drinks. The best drinks for preschoolers are water and milk. Fruit juice and juice with a lot of added sugar should be avoided, as should soda.


We believe preschool is the foundation for children’s school career. We begin early by implementing a stellar curriculum that focuses on helping preschoolers learn and grow. Our child care centers in Goshen, Plymouth, and Warsaw offer a holistic education you’ll love. Schedule a tour today!