Though some may find it charming, being shy can be painful for those unable to get past it. Many of us remember the pain and the stigma of being shy and socially awkward during certain times of our childhood and we hardly want our own children to experience the same. As South Bend’s premier daycare center we unfortunately see a number of children who lack the social skills to be able to make friends or struggle to fit in. Luckily, social skills can be taught and though we strive to provide those lessons at our South Bend preschool, it is at home where children can truly learn to become more socially adept. By encouraging good manners and using the following as guidelines, parents can help their little ones to be more socially adept when at preschool or kindergarten.

  • By being a good example, parents can be the first and most effective teachers when it comes to how to engage in polite conversation and how to be good listeners and waiting to take turns to speak. 
  • Teach your children concepts like empathy and concern for others. By teaching them how to read social cues such as facial expressions, that child will be able to pick up on subtle hints that allow them to interact in more socially acceptable ways.
  • For children that are socially awkward and struggling to make friends, competition can be trouble. Stay away from competitive games and engage children in cooperative play that fosters relationships and common ground.
  • Try to keep voice levels in control and use encouraging and supportive words and actions when interacting with your shy child. Don’t trivialize their negative emotions or belittle them in any way.