At Growing Kids Learning Center, you’ll be able to feel comfortable knowing your child is learning how to use their body to play, improve attention span, become more organized and more. There are so many reasons why our team likes to keep your little youngster up and moving with our Minds in Motion program, and here’s why.

We know that your child will be able to develop skills faster than normal if they’re taught how to use them. Children are usually clumsy and that can have a damper on their eye-hand coordination, motor skills, like catching or throwing a ball, and even how they walk or sit in a controlled manner. With our Minds in Motion program, you’ll be able to rest assured that your child will be put to the test in a fun and organized way to help them succeed at a young age!

When you put your child in our daycare or preschool program at one of our locations either in South Bend, Elkhart or Goshen, you can expect improvement in the following areas:

  • Increase attention span and ability to focus

  • Expand hand-eye coordination

  • Improve large motor skills

  • Empower children to sit and walk in a controlled manner

  • Enhance pre-handwriting skills

  • Enhance vision skills for reading

  • Decrease clumsiness

  • Decrease disorganization

  • Increase the ability to visually follow a moving object (visual tracking)


If this sounds like a program you want your child in, make sure you contact us! Get more information now and enroll your child today!