You may be thinking, “but my child is too young for preschool!” We can assure you that many of our current parents felt the same way before they enrolled their children in our Toddler Care and Young Preschool. Here at Growing Kids Learning Center, we work with children from walking age up to 24 months in our Toddler Care and Young Preschool program to help them with many pertinent developmental skills, socialization, independence, and many other skills that it is never too early for children to learn.

Our safe and kid-friendly environment helps to nourish your already curious toddler’s imagination and development. We allow them to explore their little world under the watchful eye of skilled teachers and professionals who love what they do. Growing minds and bodies need stimulation and with our kid-centric atmosphere, that’s exactly what your little one will receive at Growing Kids Learning Center.

While your young preschooler is busy developing language and social skills, we will also work as a team to help with potty training and establishing a sense of independence. We know it’s hard to watch your child grow up so quickly, but this type of stimulation at an early age is just what they need to excel as they go into preschool and kindergarten.

Growing Kids Learning Center has several locations in northern Indiana to remain the most convenient and parent-chosen learning center and daycare for children of all ages. Please call us today to learn more or peruse our website to see all of our options. Stop by and take a tour! No appointments are necessary to tour our facilities. We hope to see you soon!