If you’re on the fence about preschool for your child, we have a few reasons that just may sway your decision. Growing Kids Learning Center offers a kid-centric preschool program that is the place to be for potty-trained 3-year olds. Our program is designed to propel three and four year olds’ academic, social, and emotional development through structure and experience. You may be thinking that your little one is just too young, but we feel that starting three and four year old children in preschool helps them develop skills in a myriad of areas that will help them as they grow and develop into the people they’re going to be.

You see, at Growing Kids Learning Center preschool, children get to learn how to make choices. With all of the activities we have, your child will be encouraged to find one that interests them and participate. Through participation in activities, the children also learn how to interact and play well with others. Our teachers watch for children who find it difficult to enter into play with other children and are trained on offering suggestions to your child on ways to join the group.

We also help your child with their language and cognitive skill development. We nurture your child’s language skills in a language-rich environment because the preschool age is a key time his or her’s life where their vocabulary grows from roughly 900 words to 2500 words. Because their brains are growing and taking in all of this information, their sentences become longer and more complex. Our teachers are trained to engage the children in conversation, where they are asked thought-provoking questions, introduced to new vocabulary terms, and pushed to expand their language skills.

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