Here at Growing Kids Learning Center, we have designed a preschool program that’s set up to propel young students’ future academic, emotional, and social advancements. Because we are built on the foundation of growing kids, we strongly believe that starting your child in a preschool program is pertinent to your child’s early growth and development. Our entire center is kid-friendly because it is built from the child’s perspective – this means that for potty-trained 3-year olds, our preschool is the place to be! Our teachers, who exceed the highest state standards, have 30 hours of training in early childhood their first year at the Growing Kids Learning Center. Each year after that, they are required to attend 20 hours of trainings and conferences in early childhood development in order to continue their education.

1. But you’re saying, “they’re so young!” Our preschool is set up to build a strong foundation for your child academically that helps your child excel in kindergarten and elementary school. Because kindergarten is becoming more academically focused, it’s important to set your child up for success as early as possible.

2. It isn’t only about academic success. Preschool also promotes social and emotional development. Young children develop their emotional and social skills in real time, meaning that 3 and 4 year olds learn through their experiences and through good teachers. Moreover, when children at this age are able to spend quality time away from their parents, it allows them the skills to build trusting relationships/friendships.

3. A structured environment helps children make friends and teaches them how to play well with others. You may not think that preschool is very structured, but our programs are designed to be just that.