Preschool is an exciting and important time for your child to get the fundamental skills that will serve as a foundation for them as they advance into kindergarten and elementary school. Learning occurs in the classroom, but can also be enhanced while at home. In this blog, we’re going to explore some books your child can read outside of the classroom to help enhance their fundamentals of reading and reading comprehension.

Where the Wild Things Are

This classic book is a great start to enhancing your child’s reading skills and love for literature. The story touches on creative thinking and learning to understand and accept people for their differences. This is not only great for reading skills, but also emotional development. Your kid will love the story you cherished as a child!

The Color of Us

The Color of Us is an important book to teach your child about accepting people for who they are, regardless of what they look like, and embracing who you are despite the color of your skin.. This is an introduction into an important life lesson that your child will continually reshape and utilize throughout their lives.

The Giving Tree

A classic you may recall reading as a child, The Giving Tree is a great introduction into philosophical interpretations of stories. The tree constantly gives as the boy asks for more, but the tree remains happy as giving provides the tree immense joy.

Books are the gateway to critical thought and strengthening reading skills. Though the books listed are simply just the beginning of potential stories to have your child read, introducing them to literature can enhance lessons learned in school and open up a channel for creativity. Growing Kids Learning Center serves as Northern Indiana’s child care experts, helping children build successful futures. Our dedication to your child’s education is a fundamental aspect of our programs.

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