When it comes preschool, some children can be scared. But mostly, no child knows what to expect when they step foot into their very first preschool! Preschool is a big deal, and most kids are more than happy to be left throughout the day without their parents around. Because all kids are different, and preschool is a big deal, we wanted to provide you with tips for your child’s first day of preschool!

Give your child expectations.

It’s hard for a child to be on their best behavior when they aren’t sure what to expect. Be sure that you connect with your child and tell them what to expect on their first day of preschool. Tell them about waiting in line, raising their hand and other social concepts they are likely to encounter.

Pay attention to your child’s body.

Children should be getting sufficient sleep, protein and water throughout the course of the day. Be sure you’re paying attention to how much sleep they’re getting, especially on school nights, because this can affect them the next day.

Plan for school the night before.

It’s always easier and less stressful if you’re not in a rush in the morning before you head out to drop your child off at preschool. Rather than rushing, make sure you pack their lunch for the next day, and even have them help you. Make sure they’re involved with packing lunches and picking out what they want to wear the next day! This will lead to smoother mornings and a happy child!

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