Getting your kiddo excited about preschool can be hard. We’ve all been there; your child doesn’t want to cooperate with anything. Whether that be by not eating breakfast, not wanting to brush their teeth, not wanting to get dressed or simply, not wanting to get into the car to head off to preschool for the day. Although it can be somewhat painful to get your child to cooperate seamlessly everyday, it’s important to know the ways to get your child excited about heading off to preschool. In our previous post, we gave parents the first five ways. Catch up by reading our previous post to learn more, then continue reading today’s post.

The Most Recommended Ways To Get Your Kiddo Excited About Preschoolpreschool elkhart

  1. Create learning opportunities outside of school! Although school is a great source to learn, it’s important that your child is being challenged outside of the classroom as well. Go ahead and teach your child how to bake their favorite type of cookie. Doing so is the perfect chance to incorporate some easy math. Plus, it helps to increase your child’s chances of desiring to learn more in the future.
  2. Set fun goals. Whether your kiddo doesn’t like to study their ABC’s, it’s important for them to learn that studying is important. So, you could set a goal of studying for 10 minutes a night until they have the alphabet completely memorized, or make it a little easier and teach your kiddo how to count to 20 and study that instead.

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Regardless of your child’s age or what grade he or she is in, it’s important to get them excited about school, whether that’s preschool or 2nd grade. To learn more, stay tuned for our next blog and don’t forget to enroll your kiddo into our amazing program here in Elkhart!