Welcome back to our blog series on the benefits of choosing our summer day camp! In our first blog, we discussed how having some extra structure (and plenty of opportunities for fun) can make a difference in your whole family’s summer. Stay tuned for some more reasons to check out our summer day camps, and find the best in daycare and childcare in South Bend, Valparaiso, Elkhart, Goshen, Bristol, and Chesterton!

There’s more opportunity to socialize.

Staying home all day, all summer long simply doesn’t provide for as many social activities. Sure, your kids might have friends over or go to a friend’s house, but that also requires an added layer of structure and supervision. If you’re working throughout the week, there’s a good chance that it’ll be hard for your kids to have others over.

And even as a stay-at-home parent, day camps allow for socialization in a whole new way. There are tons of fun activities that your child — and others — can connect and bond over. From trips to the zoo to bowling, to swimming and even strawberry picking, your child will have new opportunities to socialize with others — and in a structured environment that allows for positive interactions.

Additionally, social skills can be challenging for many children to develop. When they practice in an environment that fosters collaboration and social engagement, they’re going to experience more opportunities to grow and develop their socio-emotional talents — which are such necessary skills to have. With Growing Kids Learning Centers, children will have more fun being around others (as they so choose), as well as get to grow in their social development.

You’ll have much less to worry about.

We mentioned in a previous blog that our day camps are exactly what you need to ensure your child is taken care of throughout the summer. This includes having structured routine, supervised fun activities, as well as general and overall care. However, we’re proud to announce that we include meals and snacks for all kids at our day camps! From breakfast to lunch and the necessary snacks in between, you may very well find that your grocery bill doesn’t have to do the traditional summer jump that comes from the kids being at home.

Not only do we ensure your kids are well-fed during our day camps, but well-nourished, too. Each of our meals and snacks are nutritious and health-conscious — meaning you don’t have to worry about them eating Hot Cheetos and Takis all day, either!

Academics are not lost.

The summer slide is a real thing, in which children can lose lots of the educational gains they made during the school year. Not only does their learning/what they’ve learned stop or pause, it actually diminishes, meaning they can start the following year at a lower academic level than when they ended.

At Growing Kids Learning Centers, we believe that summer is definitely a break from school, but that learning should never stop. For that reason, we’ve incorporated some activities into our days and weeks that are both fun and educational. There’s always more learning to be done, but you, at the very least, can trust that your child is still getting to experience some academic opportunities as well.

Kids will get to try new things.

As we’ve discussed, we take two to three field trips a week, meaning your kids are going to get to experience so many new things! Summers can be super busy, and it can be hard to squeeze in trips to the zoo, visiting farms, taking swimming lessons, and everything in between. But part of the reason why we pride ourselves on being a learning center is because we provide opportunities for learning and growth at every turn.

With our day camps, your child will get to embark on new experiences that they might otherwise not have the chance to, if left to their own devices or at home with a babysitter over the summer. We’re positive that their time at our day camps will be one for the books, and certainly a time that they will cherish and remember.

Day camps exist to provide security and fun for children of all ages, and to help families who simply can’t take off time during the summer. But at Growing Kids Learning Centers, we go above and beyond these expectations. Our day camps are full of new experiences, learning opportunities, field trips, fun-filled days, and so many more wonderful components that you and your child will quickly realize — your time with Growing Kids Learning Centers is anything but average. You can inquire with any of our daycare locations to see what day camp options are available for you. Contact Growing Kids Learning Centers in northern Indiana to get the best in day camps this summer, and enjoy the season!