Make preschool a memorable experience for your kiddo. After graduating from daycare, preschool is the most logical next step, but if your child has never stepped foot inside a preschool before today, they may be a little freaked out if just drop them off one day. To help ease his or her anxiety, we suggested a couple of ways to make his or her first day of preschool easier to manage. Here is one more suggestion any new preschooler will appreciate:

Communicate with your kiddo.

Talking to your child is essential. If you’re not communicated much to your child, they’ll be lost on their first day of preschool. Prepare your child by telling him or her what to expect. It’s also a great way of making sure ask him or her how his or her first day of preschool was, what they thought and so on. It’s important to tell your child that you wish that you could be there with him or her while he or she experiences all these new things in life. So, instead of being there, ask him or her for a report on what his or her favorite part of their day was, what made him or her laugh and what surprised him or her. It’s okay to be silly with your kiddo! Make him or her feel better if he or she is anxious.

Don’t go anywhere just yet! Stay tuned for ways that you, as a parent, can get involved with our preschool, Growing Kids Learning Center. If you have any questions or concerns about the first day of preschool, please don’t hesitate to give us a call! We’re happy to address any concerns you may have.