Parenting is difficult, there is no doubt about it. If you are thinking that you are the only parent out there whose kids don’t behave well for you, but they seem to behave well at their daycare, know that you aren’t the only one! At Growing Kids Learning Centers, located in South Bend, Elkhart and Goshen, we want to help you understand why some children may listen to their daycare leaders and other caregivers but not their parents.

  1. Power Struggles- It is normal for your child to act out in order to feel like they need to get their way. It could be because your child feels as though they have a lack of power compared to you. It could be that the daycare or caregiver that takes care of your child throughout the week will give your child more power than you do, making it difficult to get things to go your way when you are home with your child.

  2. Predictability Problems- It is very important for your child to be consistent in their predictability. This includes their daily routines and daily chores that they do. It not only makes them feel safe and secure but it can also make them become more well-behaved for their teachers at school, daycare leaders and even caregivers. These important people in their life usually always have a schedule that they follow, which children love to take part in.

Here at Growing Kids Learning Centers, we want to make your life easier! We hope that the above list can help you connect on a deeper level with your child if you’re having troubles with them after you leave daycare!