Growing Kids Learning Center is northwest Indiana’s premier daycare. We realize that you have a ton of options to choose from when you’re looking for the perfect daycare. Things can be overwhelming to say the least! No matter what daycare you choose to go with, we want to at least help you feel comfortable that you’re making the right decision for your youngster.

So what should you be looking for when you’re trying to find a daycare? Do you know the right questions to ask? Growing Kids Learning Center is here to help!

1. Identify Priorities. The most important thing to consider when looking for a daycare is what your priorities are. What do you want out of the daycare? What do you want your child to get out of daycare? Should it be closer to your work or would it be more convenient for you if it were closer to your home? What about other children? Do you want your child around a lot of other kids? If not, you may want to consider a home daycare.

2. Do Some Research! Ask coworkers, friends, and family members for recommendations. More likely than not you will hear more about which daycares to avoid – this gives you a good foundation and helps you begin to narrow down your options. Aside from personal recommendations, go online, too. Visit The National Association For The Education Of Young Children and read up on their guidelines for accreditation. Finding a stamp of approval from the NAEYC on a daycare center is icing on the cake, but you shouldn’t let that be your main deciding factor.

3. Visit & Interview. You can ask some questions over the phone, but you should visit and tour each contending daycare in person and sit down with the director. Ask daycare center directors and home daycare providers about their hours, fees, vacation schedules, their philosophies on discipline and other issues you consider important.

4. Check References. If your friends are raving about a specific daycare, ask them to elaborate. Ask for specifics. Also, ask the contending daycare centers for a list of references and contact them. Nothing is more convincing than hearing another parent’s personal experience with a center or provider.

5. Test It On Your Kid! Schedule a second visit if everything else checks out and take your child with you. Observe how they interact with the staff and if he or she seems comfortable in the environment.

Choosing a daycare is a very personal decision. Growing Kids Learning Center is here to help make that decision easier. Please contact us today or stop by one of our locations (no appointment necessary).