Day camps are fun and exciting for kids and a great way to keep them busy during their breaks in school. If you are looking for something to do with your kiddo that can provide them with a number of benefits, be sure to check out some day camps in your area! Be sure to also check out part one and part two of our blogs about the benefits of camps!

At Growing Kids Learning Centers in Northern Indiana, we offer day camps that your kids will love! Our winter, spring, and fall camps are a week-long and scheduled at the same time with school breaks, allowing your kids to have something to do during their time off that gets them away from the TV.

There are many reasons why you should enroll your child in day camps during their times off of school. With spring rapidly approaching, you should start thinking about enrolling your children in our spring camp! Read on to learn more about the reasons to send your child to camp and contact us today!

Keep Them Busy

During your kids’ breaks from their regular school schedule, you have a few options. You can allow them to sit inside, watch TV, and waste this break, or you can sign them up for day camp where they will enjoy a variety of different activities and have fun throughout the entire break. During our spring camps, your child will do activities including hiking, bowling, art projects, and go on a few field trips. Your kiddo will spend their break staying active and busy.

Boost Independence

Sending your child to a day camp can also help boost their levels of independence, which can help them develop new skills and feel more comfortable doing things on their own. Camp gives your kiddo an opportunity to thrive and grow on their own. They will develop more confidence in doing things without you. When you are not there to tell them what to do, how to do something, or simply hovering, they will feel more relaxed to do things themselves and develop their independence.

Try New Activities

During day camps, your child will spend the day doing a variety of activities. They will likely try something that they have never done before, whether that is hiking, a unique art project, or even going on a field trip somewhere new, this is a great way to expose your children to new things. Your kiddo may even find a new hobby thanks to our day camps! When your children get to try new things regularly, they can start finding out what they enjoy, what interests them, and teaches them more about themselves.


Nowadays, it can be hard to keep your kids away from their phones, video games, or TV. While you can try to keep them busy and doing different activities that are more stimulating, eventually you will either run out of ideas or energy. When you enroll your kiddo in day camp, activities will be planned throughout the entire day, keeping them unplugged and doing things that can actually be beneficial.

Make More Friends

Camps can also help your kiddos make more friends and develop better skills when it comes to making friends. They will meet a ton of new kids during day camps that they can get to know. For some kids, it can be hard to make friends, but camp can help them. Since they will also become more independent in day camp, they will learn how to introduce themselves to someone, start a conversation with another kid, and start a new friendship. Like sports and other extracurricular activities, your child will be surrounded by a ton of kids their age while in camp, however, they will have more time to talk and get to know these kids and develop new friendships!

Gives Everyone A Break

Day camps can also give you and your kiddo a break. While our camps already correspond with school breaks, day camps can help keep your kids entertained and having fun during their time off. For many parents, we know that it can be hard to take a week off work. If you have a job that you can’t take time off to stay home and entertain your kids, camps are a great option. Not only can camps give you a break from stressing about your kids and what to do with them during their breaks, it can also give your babysitter a break from watching them all week long. Camps are a great alternative and allow you to stop worrying about work and what to do with your kiddos during their break.

There are many reasons to enroll your child in a day camp. Our camps are a perfect option for your child during their school breaks. These day camps can keep your kid entertained, active, and stimulated, while allowing them to meet new friends. Be sure to learn more about our spring camp and enroll your kiddo today! Contact Growing Kids Learning Centers in Northern Indiana to get your questions answered.