Summer is one of the best times of the year for so many reasons, but as any parent knows, it does bring a little bit of added stress. It’s amazing that your kids get seemingly unlimited amounts of free time (more on that in a minute), but that doesn’t mean you suddenly do. You’ve got to figure out some solutions to ensure your kids are cared for, and day camp is absolutely the way to do that. See some of the benefits of day camp, and sign up today with Growing Kids Learning Centers in northern Indiana! With locations in South Bend, Valparaiso, Elkhart, Goshen, Bristol, and Chesterton, you won’t have to travel far to provide an exceptional daycare experience for your child.

Your child will be taken care of.

You’ll always worry about your kids, but when they’re at school, you know that their basic needs are being met. Not only are they receiving an education, but they’re getting fed, they get to move around, and they are looked after for eight or more hours a day. When summer comes, there’s no longer a guarantee that your child will be looked after, forcing you to figure out alternative plans.

At a day camp, you can ensure that your child is receiving just as much care as when they’re in school. Knowing your young one is safe during the summer months brings a huge sigh of relief, and our day camps are an excellent way to alleviate some of the stress of summer care planning.

You can rely on consistent care.

Babysitters are amazing, there’s no denying it — but they’re also human. Sitters get sick, sitters have things come up, and even the most reliable have moments and situations where they can’t be there. For anyone who has experienced this, suddenly lacking your sitter sends you into a frenzy of trying to figure out coverage, balancing your work schedule, and everything in between.

With day camps, such as the ones at Growing Kids Learning Centers, it would take a lot for us to shut down. We have a highly-trained and supportive staff who are here to help your child get the care they need, as well as provide fun activities and structure that they’ll love.

Speaking of fun activities…

Day camps are fun!

Let’s face it, after even just a few days of being at home, kids get bored. Or they melt their brains with hours upon hours of screen time. Either way, this isn’t taking full advantage of the freedom that can come from summer, or allowing kids to partake in some of the best kinds of summer fun!

Our day camps take trips to the zoo, go strawberry picking, bowl with their friends, enjoy fun water activities, try their hand at roller-skating, and can even take swimming lessons! In fact, we take two to three field trips a week! This means that their days are going to be packed with fun activities, and provide a summer experience that they will absolutely remember.

The structure is just what they need.

In an unstructured environment, kids, at the very best, get bored easily, and at the worst, can get into hazardous situations. Children do better in structured environments, where they’re still able to practice their independence and have their own time and space, but with some limits in place.

This also makes it easier to transition back into the school year, which isn’t simply easier for your child, but easier for your family as well. The day camps at Growing Kids Learning Centers provide structure, but not in an overwhelming way that takes away from the fun of being a kid.

In our next blog, we’ll cover even more reasons that summer day camps are the perfect opportunity and solution for your family and child to try. Not only do your kids get to have an amazing time in the months after school gets out, but you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that they’re not only taken care of, but enjoying their time. We simply love getting to work with kids and see the joy they experience from having fun all summer long. Sign up for Growing Kids Learning Centers’ day camps today, and get ready to have one of the best summers possible!