Are you looking for a safe place for your children to spend their days while you are off at work? If so, Growing Kids Learning Center is the daycare center you are searching for. Daycare can be hard to find and we understand the struggles you can endure as a parent when you drop your child off at daycare on a daily basis, but with that, do you know the benefits? Benefits of daycare far succeed many parent’s beliefs and can even prove to be beneficial for your child in the long run.

  • Children who attend daycare at a young age seem to have less emotional problems. The parents even report in having less emotional problems such as separation anxiety and symptoms of social withdrawal.

  • Did you know that sending your child to daycare can provide your a much better opportunity for them to grow? They will be challenged at an earlier age compared to children who do not attend a daycare on a regular basis.

  • Even though children seem to get sick when they attend daycare, it is more likely that your child will have a stronger immune system when they get older.

  • Everybody loves smart children! If you enroll your child into a daycare, science shows that it is possible they will have higher intellectual abilities such as socialization and observation.

We hope that these benefits of daycare have helped you decide whether or not daycare is right for your child. Keep in mind that we also provide preschool for those in the South Bend, Elkhart and Valparaiso areas. Visit us online now to learn more detailed information!