Bringing baby home from the hospital can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first. There are so many things to remember, one of which is baby proofing your home. Growing Kids Learning Center offers the best infant care program in Goshen, Plymouth, and Warsaw. Below, we’ll offer up four tips to baby proof your home. Schedule a tour today!

Install Outlet Covers in Every Unused Outlet

Outlet covers are some of the best (and most affordable) baby proofing items you can invest in. Once your baby is crawling, they love to explore things at their level, which means outlets. By putting these tiny covers on, you can rest assured baby won’t be electrocuted down the road.

Use Baby Covers on All Edges

Your baby will be falling down a lot as they begin to crawl around and try to walk. This means they will be hitting their head quite frequently. By investing in padding for sharp corners on your tables, chairs, and other furniture, your baby will suffer a lot less bruising down the road.

Invest in Baby Gates

Installing baby gates around your home will help ensure your baby’s safety and keep them out of areas of your home that are not necessarily easy to baby proof. Baby gates around the stairs will prevent falls, too.

Replace Your Window Blind Cords

Babies love to pull on window blind cords. After all, they make a cool noise and they do cool things when pulled. However, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that approximately one child per month dies from being entangled in a window blind cord.


Growing Kids Learning Center offers the best infant care program for those ages six weeks and older in Goshen, Plymouth, and Warsaw. We offer learning-based activities, as well as exploratory lessons. We invest heavily in safety precautions at our child care centers and provide regular staff training, too. Schedule a tour today!