1. An Introduction to the Programs We Offer at Growing Kids Learning Center

    Welcome to Growing Kids Learning Center! We offer a variety of programs for children of all ages, from infants to toddlers to preschoolers and even school-aged children. We are committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment where children can learn and grow. In today’s post, we’ll be providing an introduction to the childcare programs we offer at our early childhood learning center. Read…Read More

  2. How to Prepare Your Child for Preschool

    At Growing Kids Learning Centers, we know that making sure your child is ready for preschool is a concern for many parents. Finding the right children’s learning center is important — and the good news is that there are a few things you can do to help your child adjust to their new environment. Check out our top tips below, then enroll your child at our early childhood learning center today! T…Read More

  3. Best Books for Preschoolers

    Parents always ask us what are the best books for preschoolers, so they can enjoy high-quality reading time with their kids at home. Below, we'll go over some of our favorites, and we invite you to learn more about Growing Kids Learning Center in Goshen, Plymouth, and Warsaw today. How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? Many preschoolers are crazy about dinosaurs, and this delightful dinosaur series whe…Read More

  4. Time-Saving Tips for Busy Parents of Preschoolers

    The one thing we can never get back is our time, which is why it's important to spend it wisely. Growing Kids Learning Center is a child care center with numerous locations, including Goshen, Plymouth, and Warsaw. Below, we'll take a look at some time-saving tips you can implement as a busy parent of preschoolers. Get in touch today! Delegate Tasks You don't have to do everything around the house …Read More

  5. How to Choose the Best Summer Camps

    Summer will be here before you know it, and it always leaves parents wondering about what activities they should put their child in. Growing Kids Learning Center offers summer camps for older preschoolers and school-age children that are filled with loads of fun and education, too! Below, we'll offer tips on how to choose the best summer camps. Get in touch with questions today! Let Your Child Lea…Read More

  6. Tips to Help Your Child Overcome Separation Anxiety for Child Care Drop Off

    Many toddlers and preschoolers experience separation anxiety any time they are away from their parents. This is understandable since they rely on their parents to fulfill their every need. Growing Kids Learning Center is a child care center with locations in Goshen, Plymouth, and Warsaw. Below, we'll offer tips to help your child overcome separation anxiety when you drop them off at our child care…Read More

  7. How to Help Your Preschooler Prepare for a Sibling

    Having a new baby is always an exciting life event. However, not only does it mean your life will change, but so will the life of your other children. Growing Kids Learning Center in Goshen, Plymouth, and Warsaw is a child care center with infant, toddler, and preschool programs. Learn some tips on how to help your preschooler prepare for a sibling, and schedule a tour today! Use Age-Appropriate T…Read More

  8. 4 Tips to Baby Proof Your Home

    Bringing baby home from the hospital can be overwhelming, especially if it's your first. There are so many things to remember, one of which is baby proofing your home. Growing Kids Learning Center offers the best infant care program in Goshen, Plymouth, and Warsaw. Below, we'll offer up four tips to baby proof your home. Schedule a tour today! Install Outlet Covers in Every Unused Outlet Outlet co…Read More

  9. Tips to Get Your Preschooler to Eat Healthier Foods

    Most parents struggle with their toddler and preschooler eating healthy. Admittedly, it's hard to do when TV commercials are filled with fast food and candy. Growing Kids Learning Center offers the best infant, child care, and preschool program in Goshen, Warsaw, and Plymouth. Below, we'll offer up tips to help your preschooler eat healthier foods. Contact us today! Be a Good Role Model Preschoole…Read More

  10. How to Teach Your Kids to Appreciate Nature

    There are many things that we want to teach our kids, from how to read and do math to manners and being a kind person. The list of what we want to teach our children seems to be never-ending. As newer beings on this planet, they have a ton to learn and will never stop learning! Isn’t that amazing? One thing that is getting more and more important to teach our kids is how to appreciate nature. At…Read More