Our Story –
By Beth & Mike Garatoni, Founders of Growing KidsIMG_4061- Beth_Mike_Garatoni

People often ask why we started Growing Kids – That’s easy, we had kids! Once we became parents, our outlook on just about everything changed (as we assume it does for all parents).  When we first became parents, we spent a lot of time with other new parents. As we were talking, the topic of child care would come up (a lot!). We were surprised to hear how many parents were not very enthusiastic about their provider. We heard things like, “I guess it’s OK” or “my sister’s kids went there so I suppose it’s good.” When we started looking around, we found that the availability of high quality care was pretty limited. Some places were downright scary! We knew we could do better than that – the parents and kids deserve something better. So the idea for Growing Kids was born.

To get started, it seemed pretty simple – To build Growing Kids the right way, we’d focus on the needs of the child and the needs of the parent, and work outwards from there. We wanted to offer a service that parents would be excited about – that their child was learning and growing to his/her fullest potential, was safe and clean, was open the hours that parents needed care, and (most importantly) gave the parents peace of mind. Since we were parents of a young child, we would always ask ourselves “Is this what we want for our child? Is this what we want as parents?” The answers to those questions led us to create schools that look different than other schools in the area. We love talking to parents about our approach to see if it is a good match for their family.

Over the years, Growing Kids has “grown” – we continue to ask, observe, study, add, improve, review. That is how we got the ideas to add Evening Care and Free Saturday care! The focus has stayed the same. Focus on the needs of the child and the needs of the parent. It’s been over 20 years since the days we started with one daughter and one center. We ended up having six kids and all are Growing Kids graduates! Growing Kids is a family-owned business – always has and always will be. We are still excited about what we do and will continue to grow and develop centers for as long as we can imagine.

Thanks for your time and interest.

Beth and Mike